My Alitalia KLM Saga

Imagine going to the airport at the end of your holiday break. Not just any airport, our very own Muritala Muhammed International Airport in Lagos. Imagine waiting through the long queue and going through customs’ manual searching and scrutiny of all the items in your four boxes. And then after getting through all this, you get to the check-in desk and the attendant says, “Am sorry but it seems your ticket has been cancelled.”

This was the situation I found myself in on a recent trip to Nigeria. I was thinking “Cancelled? What did that mean? And how? Someone inexperienced or playing with a keyboard, perhaps?” I was then sent to the KLM ticketing office to sort it out. After spending about 30 mins there, they told me the mistake was made by Alitalia and only they (Alitalia) could correct it. So off I went to the Alitalia ticket office where I spent about an hour just to finally learn that the only thing that could be done was an email sent to their help desk in Rome; which basically meant nothing would be done that day.

As a Nigerian you learn to be resourceful in some challenging situations, so we decided to search online for the airline number ourselves and contacted them directly. They called Lagos and tried to get us booked on a flight. It was obviously too late to meet any of the flights that night so we were told to come back the following day. All this was done with no accommodation, compensation or any benefits whatsoever. Basically, I was just supposed to disappear and come back the next day.

If we did not decide to look for the number and call ourselves, we would probably still be stuck in Lagos waiting for an email to be sent. It thus begs the question, what is the point of having an office in the airport if it is so useless?


Friends of Bar-es-salam Orphanage

Hi guys,

Sorry this post is coming a bit late.

However, I will like to express my appreciation to all those you came through one way or the other either through donations or contributions. I actually thought I would not get as much donations as possible because of the short notice but I was greatly impressed by the people that came out. The orphanage visit to Bar-es-salam was very successful. I am sure all those who attended learnt a lot and got to appreciate the beauty in giving back.

My GOD continue to bless us all and provide us with our heart desires.

To the FRIENDS of Bar-es-salam, Taiye, Barakah, Dolapo, Mr. Obileye, Latifat, Amina, Fareedah, Toyosi, Tosman, Kehinde, Haneef, Sekinah, Tobi, Murtala, Sheriff, HO, Sesan, Rakiya, Lanray (Rayray), Lanre, Saheed, Oluwaseyi, Damola, Lanre,  Shayo, Lateef, Nayo, Hamid, Zahrah, Adunni and Leye. YOU guys are AMAZING!!!




Wishing everyone Eid Mubarak!!!

Project Giveback

Project Giveback

Everyone should endeavour to contribute and donate whatever they have. Nothing is too small. Like I always say, it is important to do good and give back in any way possible. #my2kobo

I want to leave you with this quote

“Do all the good you can, by all means you can, in all ways you can, in all places you can, at all times you can. To all the people you can, as long as you ever can”.

Ramadan Kareem

Hey guys,

I know this is coming late but Ramadan Kareem to all my Muslim brothers and sisters.

May GOD accept our prayers and grant us purity and forgiveness in this month.

Okay so down to business, I know a lot of you think I abandoned the project give back and maybe I actually did because I was not getting the kind of response I needed to continue. However, I have decided to do a special one this month.

The details would be available as soon as possible. But I am pleading to everyone to try and donate or contribute in any way possible.

Give and Share Love.

Have a pleasant and eventful week.


flyer 3

My Rainbow


Hey guys,

So, if you know me well enough, you will know I am into sad and depressing songs. Okay so I know I am VERY stale but yesterday I came across this song ‘My Rainbow” which 2face dedicated to Annie Idibia. Great song I tell you. (Mind you, I think 2face is a great artist).

Anyway, there are some lyrics in the song that I particularly love and would like to dedicate to some people. So here goes 🙂

When I started Inside Yetee’s mind, it was kind of like my safe haven where I could write anything. So, it hurt when I kind of abandoned it. To Inside Yetee’s Mind, the below lyrics is dedicated to you.

‘Ever since I left you
I have been to hell and I am back
And my baby, I
I wanna give you all my body and soul
And I want to, give you, the keys to all that I got
Cos you are my star, you are my rainbow’

I can’t believe we have not actually spoken for more than a month. I know I have been a selfish and bad friend. I kind of miss our friendship. We used to talk and now we don’t anymore. You kind of got me or at least we shared the love for sad and depressing songs 🙂 but I guess I messed it up. Please accept my apology

‘Life without you
Is just a rip-off
All them other boys, them a bloody knockoff
I was a jerk and i feel with remorse
Boy i need some cleansing baby
Help me detox’ (* I changed the parts that had girl to boy, don’t want to be in jail for 14 years ;))

To all my friends and followers who missed me and asked after Yetee. Well, I really appreciate it.

‘..see I don’t know what else to say
Just accept my humble apology’

You can watch the video lyrics here below

2face’s My Rainbow

I guess I am in the mushy mood lol. Anyways guys, if you know you have hurt anyone or you are just in a mushy mood like me and would like to dedicate the song to some one special, Please feel free.

Have a fab fab day.


Only in Naija: Stranded in a Hopeless Place

Enjoy another Only in Naija series by TomClancy


Only in Naija: Stranded in a Hopeless Place

I recently concluded that Nigerian companies– PHCN, banks, telecommunication companies, ISPs, airlines –don’t care much about their customers. Apparently, these companies are more eager to make money from their customers than they are to provide quality customer service for these same customers. I have written this piece to tell you why.

Permit me to use a recent experience with a Nigerian airline which calls itself ‘West Africa’s leading airline operator’ (for their mind!). I’d drop some clues about who they are. This airline has a logo that is made of two deep blue-coloured wings and their slogan is ‘Wings of Nigeria’. I guess you guys should now have an idea of who we’re talking about here…sorry, can’t say any more ;).

So, I needed to make this all-important travel from Port Harcourt to Lagos for a job interview and I booked a 1pm flight on this airline.On the travel date, I arrived the airport at 11am hoping to leave about 2 hours free to check-in my luggage and relax before my 1pm flight. However, I was utterly shocked to arrive at the check-in counter of the airline at about 11.15am to be told that my flight had been moved from 1pm to 11am, without any prior information (not even through a four naira text message). This staff asked me to hurry as the 11am flight was currently boarding. By the time I got to the runway, hoping to meet the boarding queue, the plane was already in the skies (Please note that by this time Fast and Furious 6 was not out yet so I could not do any movie tricks 😦)

Needless to say, I angrily walked back to the airline staff attending to customers at the counter. Apparently seeing the angry expression on my face, she quickly offered me an alternative flight. And this ‘alternative flight’ was the bombshell.

The airline offered me, and other passengers with a similar problem, a spot in their 5pm flight (which was literally 6 hours away). I simply couldn’t believe my ears. Other passengers reacted in different ways to this, from being speechless to shouting angrily at the airline staff. We were literally going to spend the whole day at the airport and scrap every plan we had for the day.

Of course, it soon dawned on me that the airline was purely a business, not Oxfam (i.e. charity). Apparently, the 1pm flight which I originally booked was less than half-full. It wasn’t profitable for the airplane to fly half-empty. So, they decided to ‘reschedule’ all passengers to flights that were almost full but without telling these passengers before-hand. Even worse, they offered no compensation or apologies whatsoever to its passengers whose day had been totally ruined by their un-professionalism. Passengers were ‘on their own’. To put it simply, the airline simply didn’t care much about their passengers.

So here was I, sitting at the waiting lounge with every plan for my day shattered. After more than five hours of waiting, the boarding call for the 5pm flight was announced at 6pm – one hour late. After boarding, the pilot-in-command had pretty much to apologize for. First, he apologized for the 1 hour flight delay and, second, for the air-conditioners in the plane which of course weren’t working (lol!). Therefore, I and other passengers resorted to using books, newspapers etc as hand fans, as though we were in a molue. Nonetheless, I was glad to arrive Lagos safe and sound.

So would you agree that customer services offered by Nigerian companies are generally poor? Have you had any similar experiences to share? Please feel free, share your comments and thoughts!